Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Less than one mile from home...

Keith and I are having a contest to see who can take the most beautiful picture less than a mile away from home. Since the picture of Kyle's nose was taken over a mile away from home, it cannot, unfortunately, be entered into the contest. So, instead, I give you Queen's beach at sunset. Over 1 million people a year get to see this very same sight, although the sun only sets over the ocean during the fall-spring months.

The winner of the contest gets an all expense paid trip to.....

their own backyard! Yeah! Way to go Keith! We ROCK!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Broken nose, broken dreams

The picture says it all. All it took was Ben's backhand huck into Kyle's bridge of his nose. Dreams of future beauty contests shattered as blood spurted everywhere from the one inch gash of Kyle's face. Sure to scar, he laid there, paralyzed, knowing that when he got up he would be a different man, an uglier man with a big gash on his nose. Just to be sure, he reached into the gash; oh yes, that was cartilage for sure. Girlfriend, thinking it was a punch in the face, brings over a cold MGD in lieu of ice, only to see all the blood and know she will spend the night in the ER holding boyfriend's bloody ice on his soon to be diagnosed broken nose.

One drive to the ER, one X-ray, one crazy lady on meth who pulled out her IV in the waiting room when not "treated properly" and then bled all over everything including 2" away from poor Kyle's shoe, and 5 stitches later (by the most handsome doctor I will ever likely see; sorry, Rob, he looked like Jude Law but HOTTER), we left for home, a team. Team bloody nose.

It was a not-so-fitting end to Kyle's perfect week of South Carolina beating Kentucky (#7 in the AP), his department talk that went "awesome" and his beloved stock holding strong. Right before the accident he said to me, "I have to be careful. Everything is going so well."

ESP? Self-fulfilling prophecies?

Nah, just bad luck.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Society for Broken Noses.