Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grammar junkies

You can probably tell from my writing that I forgot much of the grammar I learned back in elementary school. One thing I have a huge problem with is remembering when I is the subject vs. the object.

It looks like I am not alone. It's nice to know that the president has this problem as well.

But give the man a break. (And maybe this man too). When you are speaking, you have no chance of editing what comes out of your mouth. Sometimes it is going to be grammatically incorrect, or not make sense at all. Having taught now for two years, I know this feeling well. "Did I really just say that?!" Ah, lecture in three hours...

One of my goals in starting this blog again was to practice writing. And to share the adventures of Kyle and me. No, that can't be right...it's Kyle and I, isn't it? Or is it better to say "share Kyle and my life"? Or is it lives at that point?

I give up!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Go see Coraline in 3D

Hit up the matinee for Coraline yesterday and it was AWESOME! (This is C, btw; I was too lazy to log out K). I read Neil Gaiman's version of this in grad school and I loved the story. But the movie, wow, what a clever, kind of creepy, awesome film. You can't go wrong with flying angel Scotty dog-bats. And half-naked, well-endowed 80 year old actress cartoons. OH and the mouse circus! Bravo!

Read this NY Times article if you would like to learn more. This is the first stop-motion animated feature done in 3D. Curious as to how they make 3D movies? From the article:
The stereoscopic 3-D the filmmakers were using was created by taking a picture for the left eye, moving the camera a preset distance and taking another one for the right eye.
For a stop-motion film, this means moving the grass, the trees, everything each frame. Wowser.

Sixty million dollars was worth it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brewsky's Saturday

I miss writing on the blog. Facebook has satisfied some of my primal urges to talk about my life, but the one line updates can't compete with the long, open space permitted by the blog format. It's not that my life is particularly exciting, but I kept a journal most of my life and I just have this urge to document it, however mundane and banal it may be. Living in Ohio has actually been quite exciting and I have had the itch to start this again without any follow through for six months now. And so, this morning, I awoke with a goal. Spruce up the blog and write something new!

Since July when we moved to Columbus, we have explored quite a bit of Ohio, and many of the state parks we visted are incredibly beautiful and wonderful places. You can see some of the pictures we took above in the heading. But this weekend, it got cold again after a small bout of spring, and it is, quite frankly, a bit depressing. So K had the idea of going to watch the UCLA / Arizona game this afternoon. I looked on the internet for a sports bar with good ratings, since the last one we went to this fall to watch a USC game was abysmal. Brewsky's sports bar, a mere 2 miles away, was described as, "Nice laid back sports bar with large screen tv and lots of pool tables and cheap drinks" and "Great service , the two ladies that work the weekend nights knew my whole party ' s drink order after the first round." Good enough...

What a fun afternoon we ended up having! The clientle included a ~65 yo man with 4 PhD's (one in molecular biology), a Boston man who is a self-made handicapper (K talked to him for quite some time about his favorite subject), and a retired handyman who can't stay retired cause he has to "support his favorite habit: drinking". Everyone was friendly. The bartendress knew our names, our drinks, our love of the Wildcats, all without batting an eyelash. You could tell that everyone loved the place. I can't even imagine how crazy it gets during an OSU football game.

We will probably go back. We don't go out to bars much anymore, but it is nice to know that there is one out there that is friendly with decent food, and clean, nice-smelling bathrooms. The little things matter, you know?

As a side post, this weekend is the Kaimana Klassik frisbee tournament in Hawaii. Wish I were there, Sally. Wish I were there!

p.s. Wildcats won. Barely. They had a 25 point lead at one point that narrowed down to nine at the end. Shoo. Way to pull it out. Bear Down!


Blog under construction. Ohio news to come!