Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grammar junkies

You can probably tell from my writing that I forgot much of the grammar I learned back in elementary school. One thing I have a huge problem with is remembering when I is the subject vs. the object.

It looks like I am not alone. It's nice to know that the president has this problem as well.

But give the man a break. (And maybe this man too). When you are speaking, you have no chance of editing what comes out of your mouth. Sometimes it is going to be grammatically incorrect, or not make sense at all. Having taught now for two years, I know this feeling well. "Did I really just say that?!" Ah, lecture in three hours...

One of my goals in starting this blog again was to practice writing. And to share the adventures of Kyle and me. No, that can't be right...it's Kyle and I, isn't it? Or is it better to say "share Kyle and my life"? Or is it lives at that point?

I give up!


Brian said...

All I know is that ending sentences with prepositions is something up with which I will not put.

Glad to see you writing in "long-form" again. Poke Kyle with a stick and make him do some, too.

Ms. Core said...

Ooooooooh my dad has this awesome joke about ending sentences with prepositions...should I tell it here?

Forget it..it would take too long.

I forgot what I was actually going to comment about. Oh, except that facebook group you linked...people are so angry!! my goodness!!


Brian said...

"this awesome joke about ending sentences with prepositions."

The one I remember goes something like this: A southern lady and a northern woman (can't call them "ladies" after all) were introduced at a cocktail party. The southerner smiled and asked the northerner "so where are you from?"

The northerner replied with disdain, "someplace where we do not end out sentences with prepositions."

The southerner smiled even more broadly and replied, "I'm so sorry, hun. I misspoke. I meant to say 'so where are you from, bitch?'"

Kyle said...

Too funny, B!

Caroline said...

sorry, that was C, not K.