Sunday, June 04, 2006

An accidental visit from Sam!

I have been meaning to update the blog, but things got hectic this week. Last Saturday, we were playing our last regular season game of the league frisbee, when I get a call from Sam, my brother. He is always flying somewhere in the world with the Air Force, and often times, they stop in Hawaii on their way to far off lands. This means that I actually get to see my brother more now than I ever did when I lived on the mainland. On this trip, he was supposed to come Sunday, gas up a jet on Monday, and leave by Tuesday. But, luckily for us, one of the jets was broken for three days. So instead of a quick visit, we got to spend some quality sibling time together. I also got to show Sam that Oahu is not just Hickam Air Force Base and Waikiki. We spent the week cruising around, basically going around the entire island except the Leeward side. His favorite part was the mountains, as we took him up to our favorite picnicking and grilling spot on top of St. Louis Heights. Here's a picture of us with Diamondhead in the background:

We also got to go snorkeling with the turtles at Shark's Cove, where we also took Ryan when he visited. It was more beautiful this time, and we saw 5 turtles, and touched the backs of 2. Sam's plane finally was fixed on Friday, so we had our final goodbyes after breakfast at Wailana Coffee House, our new favorite place to eat pancakes covered with coconut syrup! Yesterday was the Spring League Ultimate championships, where I am proud to announce, Team Brazil won the Beer (Loser's) Bracket! We were last place in the regular season, so this was quite a feat!

Back to the grind today, as I will have to work on a Sunday to get prepared for taking off to the Big Island next Saturday. Penny and Dacks come on Tuesday, which means cleaning the house and getting Gaffney ready for the kennel as well today. Ah well, I live in Hawaii, right? No complaints!


megatron said...

Let me try this again. It didn't publish my comment the first time around.

Hooray for the surprise visit with your brother. The recent visit from my sister proved to be both fun and educational, and impressively, we didn't kill each other.

Gaffers in a kennel?!? Sadness. How I miss the days that I would watch her and pretend she was my dog at ya'lls house. It's not too late -- come back. I'll watch her for you.

Misses and kisses.

Caroline said...

Yes, sadly, we don't know anyone here that could watch the Gaffster so she will be in the kennel. I think the time alone will help her reflect on the 14 pounds of weight she has gained since December, though. Can you believe the vet had the audacity to tell us to stop feeding her banana splits!