Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not a day over 50...

My mother, Susan, turns 60 today. Happy birthday! I'm pretty sure she'll be around for many, many more years. Her father lived to be 87, her mother 83, her grandfather 92, and her 90 year old uncle is still alive. Long live the Kaminski's!

In other news, I got my first traffic violation yesterday. $219 for failure to stop at a stop sign....on my bicycle. Yes, on my bicycle. Also, failure to register my bicycle and failure to use the bicycle lane. Other than the bicycle lane issue, I am sadly guilty of said "crimes", but in all accounts I am quite sure this police officer was either very angry at something other than me or was filling a monthly quota of traffic violations. He was very, very mean to me.

I was upset yesterday, even in tears (because a bad day only gets worse when you find out you have to pay $219 for riding your bike home in the rain). Today, I have quietly resolved my anger into a steady rage complete with the telling of the story to get sympathy at work (everyone with one notable exception agrees it is an outrage; notable exception is the overly rational boyfriend). By tomorrow, I am sure I will develop a quiet desire to break every law possible just to see how many bad things I can actually get away with. And then, by Friday, I will return to rational mode and pay the ticket because I don't want to bother with it or think about it further. After all, do I really want to spend a day in court? The only easy way to get to downtown is on my bicycle, and I am reticent to be in such a public arena on the ol' Voodoo. Voodoo, I am not mad at you, I am mad at the man.


Brian said...

You have to register a fucking bicycle???

Disincentivise use of pedal power on an island paradise with a severe traffic problem. Yes, this makes sense.

Cops are fucking assholes. Don't take it personally.

Arthur said...

If it makes you feel any better, think of how much you have screwed the man out of money from the fines for all the times that you did run through the stop signs.

Yes, the $220 sucks. Especially considering a speeding ticket in a vehicle that could kill somebody would have cost you much less.

meg said...

Why doesn't this dang thing save my comments?
Caroline, I must have forgotten that our moms have the same birthdate. Go Moms, particularly those of awesome girls.