Friday, November 16, 2007

The Hawaiian word for crazy is...

Pupule, lōlō, hehena, hewahewa.

Also: ʻūlala, uluāhewa, ʻōpulepule, pahuluhope.

I have been feeling a bit lōlō lately (sounds like loco so it is easiest to remember). Between work, traveling for work, frisbee tournaments, and teaching, I am a wit's end. The good news is that:

a) Next week is a 3 day week of work! Wahoo!
b) I only have 4 more lectures left for teaching, and they are all about the brain so I don't have to review as much.
c) We are going to Kauai the day after the semester is over and not doing anything but relaxing for a couple days. I can't wait.

Other than feeling lōlō busy, I really have had a nice November thus far. It was AWESOME seeing all the ol' crew in San Diego at the Neuro-nerdo meeting. I saw friends from Allegheny, Illinois, Arizona, Bermuda, and even peeps that had moved away from Hawaii. Special thanks to D&K for hosting and feeding me! San Diego is a beautiful place and I loved being off the island for a few days.

As soon as I got back, I had to get over a cold to play in the Hopu ka lewa frisbee tournament. The Sally team rocked it, as always, with a 1-7 record. Winning one game is all that matters.

Here are some pics taken by Kaveh of the tournament:

Updated Kyle's nose picture:

(It is healing rather well, I think!)

This next picture was my awesome, soon to be patented, "Box out and catch" move, completed during our game against the eventual winner of the tournie, Hana hou ("do it again" in Hawaiian; this was the 2nd year in a row they won the tournament, so it was a fitting name):

And finally, the whole Sally team. "Vote Sally for President" on the front of our shirt. "Throw Discs, not bombs" on the back. Bunch of frickin' hippies.

OH, one more thing. Tomorrow is McBarno, da'Barn's birthday. Happy birthday to my daddy!

p.s. I almost forgot. Welcome Anne-Marie to the blog world. Check it out here and on side bar (Core and Rind):


meg said...

Yay, Caroline is alive!

Hellooooooooo -- gotta shout loudly so that you can hear me 4,680 miles away.

Kisses to all ya'll.

The Infil-Tater said...

Kyle, yer nose looks great, but did the hackcident make you a little cross-eyed?