Thursday, March 20, 2008

ʻōhio in Hawaiian means to fart

It also means windy too.

For those of you who begged, we are moving to Ohio for several reasons. Reason numero uno is that I got a job teaching at Denison University, a school not unlike my alma mater, Allegheny College. I actually went to Denison once to play tennis, as they are both in the same conference (NCAC, ya heard!) K is probably going to teach somewhere nearby, as there are approximately 50 schools in the greater Columbus metro area.

Reason numero dos (sidenote: did I mention we are going to Costa Rica Saturday for my friend, Steph's, wedding? She is marrying a Costa Rican, ooh lala. I am trying to practice my Spanish. Does anyone remember how to ask for a tow truck :) ?): It is time to leave Hawaii. Hawaii is a wonderful, magical, exciting place full of wonderful people and incredible geology. But it is 2,500 miles to anything. Which includes family. And all our old friends. And our stuff that has been in a storage locker for 2.5 years. And getting things 2,500 miles from anywhere means they cost a lot more. Which is fine if you make a lot of money. But, sadly, we don't. Not only will we make more money in Ohio, but the money will buy us a lot more stuff!

Reason numero tres: I'm ready for a change. My research is awesome, and I get to work with wonderful people. I am hopefully going to get at least 3 pubs from what I have done here, although the establishment keeps rejecting my one primary paper (it goes against a DOGMA!). But, the primary project is winding down and I really enjoy teaching, so I am going to get to teach neuro courses and develop labs for them. Very cool. I actually get to apply the stuff I learned in school. That = happiness!

Of course, living in a place that means "windy or to let wind" means that there will be alot of changes. Winter. Commuting via car instead of bicycle. The conservative masses of people on the east coast (anything east of the Mississippi is considered east coast to Hawaiians). But there will be good things too: like having our bicycles back, getting a kitty cat, and looking forward to whatever comes next. The job is only for two years. Then, who knows, we could be moving to a neighborhood near you! (preferably on the west coast :) )


Taryn said...

Will you guys be reunited with Pumpkin on the mainland? Whatever happened to him?

It's good that you get to go to Costa Rica to have a break from the rough Hawaii winter. I'm very jealous.

Caroline said...

Sir Pumpkin Roper was left with Kevin, the guy who lived in our guesthouse. Pumpkin was a desert kitty that was too set in his ways to move. Plus, I am pretty sure the Hawaii quarantine people would not have let him into the state with that lip of his...not sure if he is still around.