Monday, April 28, 2008


I finally took some time to post our travels of the last month. A huge thank you to our friends for getting married in such beautiful places. From late March / early April. Click on "Costa Rica trip" and "North Shore" to see more photos.

Costa Rica trip:
Valle de Orosi

Steph and Mau's wedding

North Shore:


Katelyn and Joe's wedding at Camp Mokuleia

As a post script, I would like to A-M for letting me use her Costa Rica tour books (don't worry, I won't send them back! I passed them on to my tennis buddies). In your honor, the picture below was taken while listening to Mason Jennings play last weekend at Kokua Fest. Did you know he was born in Hawaii? We didn't actually go to the show, but it sure was nice hearing his soothing voice as we sat under a Diamondhead sky. We're starting to get a little sad about leaving...ETD June 13th!

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core said...

Glad you got some use out of the books. Looks like you had fun. Arenal smells like sulfur, did the ceremony get stinky? Looks like Mason is getting quite a following.

Also my Chile trip has been rearranged. I will be here when you get here. Can't wait to see you!