Thursday, May 22, 2008

Almos pau

Done with school, almost done with work, our stuff is slowly getting packed and shipped. Phew. It is really happening. We're leaving.

The Hawaiian word for "end, completed, finished, etc" is "pau". We use this word a lot.

"Pau hana": Happy hour
"I'm pau": I am taking my cleats off because I don't want to play frisbee anymore.
"Almos pau": Not quite done.

In the last case, pau is coupled with "almos" a pidgin word for "almost". It is hard not to pick up some of this vocabulary. My favorites:

da kine: this can mean virtually anything but typically means something so totally awesome it can't be expressed any other way.

ono kine grindz: really awesome food; see the food blog if you don't believe me:

hana hou: do it again; one more time; an ovation; also, play one more point at frisbee

howzit: coupled with bruddah, this would be a way to say hi to a dude

da menehune cockaroach my tent pole: Menehune are the mythical creatures that lived in Hawaii before the Hawaiians. They like to steal things. The menehune always steal things when we camp.

I wonder what kind of new languages we'll learn in Ohio? Hmn, maybe Seneca (Ohio means "beautiful river"). Or maybe not. Either way, last day on Oahu ("the gathering place") is June 13th. And if you're around Tucson, we'll be there until the 24th. Let's hang.

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