Sunday, August 16, 2009

Does summer really have to end?

I am not sure if I want to be a teacher. But the one bonus over doing research full-time is having the summers off. Okay, okay, I realize I spent two months doing research, but it was my choice. School work officially begins tomorrow and I am deeply saddened to end this fun time. Back to the grind of lecture writing, grading, and meetings. At least I have a job.

Speaking of jobs, I am pondering what I should do with myself when I move to Alaska. Should I try to get an adjunct position teaching? Should I write a grant and collaborate with someone up there doing research? Should I leave academics and find something else to do? So many choices.

I realize many of my friends are going through similar changes. Any suggestions on how to deal?


Brian said...

I am thinking both research and teaching are highly overrated ways to spend one's life. I waffle between a radical career change and figuring out a way to say FTW and stay right where I am (geographically) because I like everything about where we are right now except what I do at work. Nice house, affordable lifestyle, good friends, fun town.

You have a great advantage in that you know exactly where you need to be geographically.

Keith said...

I can tell you that an XBOX 360 really helps to avoid thinking about what to do with your life.
How about becoming a tennis coach?