Monday, May 08, 2006

Take me to the other side.

Aloha. We have had a busy weekend, full of lots of little adventures. On Saturday, our league frisbee game was moved from the normal Diamondhead grass-covered lava rock park to Waimanalo Beach, perhaps our favorite sand beach so far. Up until about two weeks ago, the beach had been shut down due to sewage spills and runoff problems caused by the March rains. Only a few people braved the the bacteria, not to mention the 3ft. boogie boarding waves that ended up getting the better of both Kyle and I (the waves, not the bacteria).

On the way back, we descended the cliffs, or Pali (scale bar for Andrew, one cliff = 500-700ft):

The Pali Highway was apparently built by one Mr. John Wilson, which makes me giggle because that was my grandfather's name:

We also saw an awesome waterfall on the way back down:

What we didn't know about the Pali was that you are not supposed to have pork or pork products in your car when you go through there. Apparently, local custom says that the area used to be home of Kamapua'a, a demigod who was half man and half pig. So, if you are carrying some pig, he takes offense to it and curses you with bad luck. Ryan read this in a book when we got back from the Pali, followed by a prompt, "Didn't we have bacon on our sandwiches from lunch?" Neither Kyle nor I finished our lunch sandwiches, so we knew that bad luck was about to come our way.

So, today, what happens? We go to Chinatown (pictures later) and have awesome dim sum, only to find our our bill was a whopping $21! Okay, so no bad luck there. On our way back from Chinatown, we decided to take Ryan through Waikiki. Kyle suddenly turns left onto one of the side streets. I promptly snip, "What are you doing!"

Kyle, panickly, "Trying to get this cop of my a**. Uhoh, too late." We hadn't registered the car yet in Hawaii. Oops. Kamapua'a strikes.

We shake it off, knowing that it was bound to happen sooner or later. We go home, have a nap, and decide to go have a picnic on top of St. Louis Heights, or Waahila Ridge. Ryan and Kyle picked a lovely assortment of fish, sausages (chicken flavored, as to not further upset our demi-god) and asparagus, only to find, lo and behold, Kamapua'a had stolen all of the grills at the park! We had to make do with what we had: the sausages are on the remains of the grate, the salmon held precariously between two with a chop stick!

And, leftover from yesterday's beach excursion, our very own handmade, trays and covers, from Miller Lite cans:

The rest of the evening was beautiful, among the tall trees that I haven't bothered to find the name of yet... and we had a beautiful sunset overlooking the ocean. We're hoping we've heard the last of Kamapua'a. Maybe he's forgotten us and moved on to the next poor bacon-carrying tourists that went over the Pali today.

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Anna Banana said...

nice story, too bad that I was not with you guys ;) cause I am the mojo!