Monday, July 24, 2006

The best way to beat the summer heat!

Everyone knows by now that I am a super-nerd and I enjoy things like making ice cream by utilizing the freezing power of liquid nitrogen (-195.8ºC). Last Friday, I finally convinced the lab to do it. Tina, our microscopy lab manager, braved the terrible Honolulu traffic and bought our ingredients: heavy cream, half and half, sugar, strawberries, vanilla, and cocoa. The recipe is easy: take half as much cream as milk or half and half, add 1c sugar and 8 tbsp vanilla per every gallon. Add fruit or cocoa and mix well. Then slowly, add liquid nitrogen (5 x the amount of ice cream you want to make or until you can't stir the ice cream anymore), as shown above by Tyler (Kim's boyfriend), Kim (Tina's daughter), Tina, and Lisa (the astrobiologist who uses the microscopes). It took about a minute to have homemade ice cream and boy was it delicious! Here's what the strawberry looked like:

And here are happy Anna and Kyle eating it:
It was easily some of the tastiest ice cream I have ever had, although next time I think I would use half and half and milk instead of heavy cream, because it was a bit, well, heavy. If you have access to LN, I highly recommend doing this before the summer is over. Ai ā hewa ka waha (eat until the mouth can have no more)!


Julie Miller said...

caroline-awesome on the ice cream, we have liq nitrogen but i can't imagine getting people to do it here. but it reminds me of my first lab that i worked in-we made frozen lemonade pops by dipping lemonade plungers into liq nitrogen-bunch of crazy physiologists!

meg-a-leg said...

Howsabout whippin' up some peach ice cream (or more appropriately, mango) for us here in the monsoons of Arizona? My big porch needs a big lab bowl of it!! If you send it, I will feast. YUM!