Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hopu time!

Hey y'all. K and I will be partying, Ultimate style, out at Waimanalo this weekend for the Hopu Ka Lewa Tourney! I am really excited. Camping on the beach, boat races at dawn, 4 games of frisbee per day....K is not so excited about that part, but I think we have enough male subs that he'll be fine. And how can you complain when you get to wake up to this each morning:

Gaffney's favorite part? Chasing these little guys!

Enjoy your holiday weekend.


megatron said...

Well, you'll be missing the 4th Avenue Bike Swap. Just the thought of Gaffney chasing the crabs makes ME want to miss it, so that I could see her doing it.

I hope ya'll have a blast!

Taryn said...

That sounds awesome. I'm so jealous. Are all the Hawaii tournaments 3 days? Hopefully the ice blocking works out!