Thursday, November 02, 2006

Has anyone heard of this?

Today in the mail, I got a copy of this book, Pro Evo. Apparently, I am not the only one who has received it or been totally weirded out by its presence. From the few internet reviews I found, the book is a religious and/or political statement sent out randomly to people, especially emotionally fragile women (thanks "Mad_scientist", the sole Amazon reviewer of the book). Besides my obvious delicate nature and need for careful handling, I do wonder how I got on this mailing list. Was it you, Dacks?

Tomotom Stiftung, the author, has some interesting things to say. His main premise is that what you should be doing makes you feel joyful, and what you should not be doing saps you of energy. Your purpose in life, you may wonder? "To be a transition and step in the course of evolution." Can we live forever? Only if we evolve ways to "transplant healthy brains from their dying or hopelessly damaged bodies" and thus reach "such a high level of consciousness that (our) further development would proceed more rapidly and efficiently without death."

Intriguing, and I have only just skimmed the contents. It sounds at least entertaining. If anyone is interested, I will gladly send you the copy when I'm done with it. Or maybe, if you are female and emotionally excitable, you will be sent one of your very own!


megatron said...

So Caroline, which one are you -- the aging hippy, PCP addict, or communist -- that the same reviewer thinks a reader needs to be?

Maybe you should offer the book up to a volcano god -- just toss that sucker in there!

marsha said...

oh i want to sign up to read your copy! i can send off to another eager reader once i am done.

i feel slighted and hurt that i did not make the emotionally fragile list... (hahahahahaha)

Caroline said...

Meg, I'm definitely the PCP addict. You know, PCP is just so available these days.

And Marsha, the book is yours. Email me your address.

KHampton said...

C -

You left the book here at the house.

Don't you know, I will waste the whole damn day reading it?

megatron said...

It's starting to make sense now. The book was actually sent to you, Kyle, the emotionally fragile woman of the household, so get to reading!

Dacks said...

Its true Caroline. I sent you the book. You will note that if you spell Tomotom Stiftung backwards its spells Andrew Dacks.