Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween traditions, a guest post

Happy Halloween! I got a lovely email last week from Miss Meg regarding the stellar tradition of making Halloween gingerbread houses. Who better, then, to do a guest post for today's events. Here are Meg and Shiloh's thoughts on the spookiest day of the year:

Hello, all!!

Please enjoy our Halloween haiku:

First gingerbread house

Cayman bound girlfriend and I

Happy Halloween

OR, if that doesn’t work for you, then perhaps a short narrative will.

It could have started as a Nightmare on Elm Street, had I not moved to Blacklidge and then Dale Avenue most recently. This Halloween, we Saw the opportunity to make a gingerbread house on Friday the 13th. Even though we wanted to kill each other at times, we resisted the urge to Scream or have her Lone Star self yield the Texas Chainsaw out in the shed. The Scary Movie in our kitchen played out quickly enough that we finished the house, pictured below. Since she leaves in a week, we will not replay this Nightmare Before Christmas. Our first gingerbread house may be the last for quite some time.

(Personally, it’s getting harder and harder for me not to bite off a corner.)

Meg and Shiloh send out a Happy Halloween to all. Go Orange!!

Thanks, ladies! I sure do miss you. And good luck in the Cayman's, Shiloh. Island living is AWESOME!


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