Monday, October 16, 2006

6.6 on the Crazy scale

Hi everyone. The power is back on so I can announce to the world that K, G, my parents, and I are all safe and sound in Hawaii. Of course you probably all knew that before we did since the only source of news yesterday was from the am radio, and sadly, we only have radio in our car which we were not supposed to drive yesterday because there were no traffic lights for directing traffic. Thanks for all your notes and I would have written back sooner, but internet doesn't work without power either.

The quakes made for an interesting day, to be sure. I was in bed dreaming, when suddenly I was awoken by a rumbling which seemed to start in my belly, and then move to my extremities. Either I was having a very strange bowel movement or it was an earthquake. I say to K, " I think it's an earthquake". His eyes get a little wider and then we hear our landlord yell, "Get in the doorways!" We bolt. Gaffney barks, as the rumble continues. And then it stops. Minutes later, I am sitting on futon wondering what to do next, when I pull out my computer and check the local news website. Suddenly, no power. And another rumble. We decide to get the hell out of the basement.

The day continued with a rain-soaked walk down to the Diamondhead Grill; they had no power but had the great entrepreneurial insight to put every single food item they didn't have to cook out on tables. I bought breakfast and a little lunch thinking that there may be a rush on food later. The rest of the day, the place was slammed. And most of the stores, while open, would only allow a single or a couple of customers in at a time to prevent looting. The store worker would guide them in by flashlight, and charge cash, since the credit card machines were down, and then they would write down the purchase on a piece of paper with a pen. There was talk of price-gouging on the North Shore. Mahem I tell you ! Oh, and did I mention how the loss of power caused kids to PLAY IN THE STREETS! I reflected on this awhile, and got a tad sentimental like most folks, until one of the kids forgot how to catch a football and tore off our driver-side rearview mirror. I couldn't really be mad, I mean, it was an accident, and they were bored out of their minds. What a crazy day.

We ended up cooking dinner on the charcoal grill. My parents were thrilled since everyone else at their hotel was eating cold sandwiches. An impromptu feast of tri-tip steak fajitas, complete with onion and corn, served with Tecates and an Oregon Reisling my summer student had sent me and I was "saving for a special occasion". 'Tis as special as it's going to get, I hope.

The power came back on around 8pm, and by that time I had actually fallen asleep since candlelight isn't really bright enough for reading.

Today, I have no doubt that work will be full of crazy adventures like ours. I can't wait to hear everyone's stories of braving the elements. And this experience of course, begs the question (at least in my mind): Which was scarier: the rumbling in our bellies, or our inability to blog about it? A day without electricity is a strange day indeed, but not nearly as strange as it could have been. I hope the rumbling in the earth stays benign, the electricity stays on, and the water keeps running. At least until I can get to the store and get some more Tecate.


KHampton said...

You forgot the fact that people celebrated the earthquake by setting off fireworks.

Which really calmed down our dog.

Dacks said...

I have heard that fireworks are second only to music in calming frantic dogs.

marsha said...

glad you are all ok!