Friday, October 06, 2006

FF Blues

Good luck to all the Fantasy Football players this weekend. Hopefully none of my players get injured at the last second since I will be away from the internet at the beach house on the Big Island.

This is my 5th year playing FF (does anyone remember playing in Brian Harvey's league in 2001?) My intention this year was to play in only one league, Decorating Panties, so I could pay close attention and not play people with byes. Then, the night before Kyle's Coast to Coast-league draft, Bart asked if I might step in and play in their league. Curses. Curses especially since the draft was at 5:30am Hawaii time, and I was not awake for any of my selections.

But it has worked out well enough, with the P-Town Awesome-O's and The Edge both at 4-0. Too bad I am #2 in the CtoC league, with the #1 guy twice badgering me to trade him Reggie Bush and Darrel Jackson for, gasp, Mike Bell and Santana Moss. I didn't do it. I'm pretty sure I made the right decision, but who knows. I feel like most of this is luck anyway.

The thing about Fantasy Football is that I try not to care; I try not to devote too much time to it and get sad when I lose. But I do care. I do want to do well. I do want to prove all these boys that girls can manage teams too. There are 4 teams managed by women in Decorating Panties, and only one in the CtoC league. We have to win, ladies!

So good luck to everyone out there, especially Adams College Atoms and the Foggy Bottom Bureaucrats, my opponents for the weekend. And may the best man, excuse me, woman, win.

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