Friday, October 27, 2006

So Tsunami

My department head just sent me this delightful little video of yet another terrifying potential calamity threatening our home.

Do note that living as we do on the backside of the giant crater pictured in the video, we would have ample time to scramble up the slope of the crater.

With thirty minutes warning, I imagine that we would not be alone.


K said...

Um, how long till it makes it to the West Coast?

Pacific Beach vs. Hillcrest? I am glad we chose high ground.

Dacks said...

What if you just jumped and timed it for when the wave hit? Would you be safe then?

KHampton said...

Yes. Yes you would.

Dacks said...

Good, cause that is what I would do. I would jump over the wave. Then I would go to that shave ice place we went to and get a leechee nut shave ice with extra condensed milk... and I wouldn't even pay for it cause no one else would have thought to jump over the wave!