Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Coconut life

Yesterday K & I came back from our Big Island adventure, Part II. My parents rented this awesome "Paradise Dream house" south of Hilo, and it was beautiful. This place had it all: an upper balcony overlooking the coast, a pool in the backyard, and coconut trees and orchids scattered everywhere across the volcanic rock surrounding the house. We spent all day Saturday lounging around drinking terrible fruity rum drinks I butchered.

Of course with all the awesomeness, K and I decided we wanted to live there. We would need new jobs so I decided I would make beaded necklaces and K would shuck cocos for the tourists. He would be the best coco shucker ever, to be sure.

On Sunday, we drove down the coast to the Southern most point in the United States.

Another beautiful coastline complete with a boat drop, in which you use a pulley system to lower your boat 50' down to the water. There was a ladder that you could take to get back up the cliff, which I took a picture of but I didn't quite get the perspective right. Just interior to the cliff there was a hole in which the local 10 year old keikis were jumping 40' into the ocean-filled cave below. These kids, including one girl, must have some big kahunas. After you jump in the cave, you have to hold your breath, go under the cliff, come out into the open ocean and then climb up the scary ladder. I would have done it myself, except we had to leave next for the Green Sand Beach:

Three miles away from any paved roads, most people get to hike to get out there, totally exposed to the elements. But my parents did it right, and got a 4x4 car which thrilled my dad and terrified my mother. We arrived without so much as a scratch on the car. The beach was beautiful, although the approach was a bit steep. The sand is an eerie green from the compacted ash which forms the mineral olivine. The water there was warm and refreshing after all the dust of the road. On the way back, we bottomed out once, but the oil pan held true. It was a great adventure, and I would recommend everyone check it out. We ended the day with beers, fried mahi-mahi, and Teri-burgers at the southern most bar in the United States (Shaka's, of course!) I discovered that a burger is even better with teriyaki sauce then just the bacon and cheese. Umm, bacon.

Now, back to work and I can't help but wish I were still there beside the pool. At least I have the memories, I guess.

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