Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crazy still!

Well, the earthquake did relatively little damage here in Oahu. But things are still crazy. On Monday, we discovered mushrooms growing on our doormat. Our lanai never gets any sunlight, so we have our own miniature rainforest!

And yesterday, after frisbee, we came back to our car only to discover a mass of feathers on the front of the hood. My immediate thought was that someone had placed a dead animal there. After all, we were up in one of the valleys and we had taken over the local hooligan football players fields to play Ultimate. As we got closer, we realized it wasn't dead. It was a chicken! And it was not going anywhere. I poked and prodded it, only to move it closer to the wipers, which it firmly attached itself to even as K turned them on. You should have seen this thing, going back and forth and back and forth, as Gaffney drooled in the backseat! Finally (and this was like 5 min later), I shoved it off into the road. We wished we would have had the camera.

So, why did the Roman chicken cross the road?

Drum roll, please......

She was afraid someone would caesar.

More jokes here and please feel free to come up with your own. They have got to be better than that one.

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KHampton said...

I think it is important to note that there are chickens all over the island. Even walking in the woods, one hears the approach of stealthy chickens.

"Wildlife" here is basically farm animals gone feral. Ten foot long one-ton wild boars. The aformentioned chickens. And now we find out about the wild cattle that went loose on the big island after Kamehameha took the ones he got trading, set the loose, and declared them kapu (taboo) in order to increase their numbers.

And they had a bad attitude. The used to catch them in pits they covered with sticks and leaves. The naturalist David Douglas, who named the Douglas fir, was killed when he fell into one of the pits. The fall wasn't so bad, but it turns out the pit had already claimed a prior victim.

One none too thrilled to be there.