Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday's Island News

For only 5.5million dollars you can own your own Hawaiian Island! Does anyone want to go in on it with me? I promise to look after it!

In other "island" news, last night, K and I discovered that Coconut Island, home of the University of Hawaii Marine Lab is Gilligan's Island! This makes me very happy indeed, because Coconut Island is where I depart for all my collection trips. A couple times, I have thought it was a very familiar place, and now I know why!

The final piece of island news (no quotes this time, peeps) is that I may get to go on a cruise in February to collect animals around the Hawaiian Islands. Deep sea zooplankton! I am so EXCITED!

That's all for Friday's Island news. If the news here has left you disappointed and yearning for more, check out Phillipe's Friday Facts. I am thinking about using his celebrity disguise as a Halloween costume.

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