Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blazer update

RIP Blazer. Wait, what? It's going to be fixed? For virtually nothing? How could it be?!?

Just got this email from Kyle (the f-bombs have been edited):
God Bless the motherf-ing internet.

We destroyed the car on Thursday. Burnt the cylinder valve which was my
worst fear. That is why it was loping. No pressure.

If we had known this, the next step would be to sell the car at auction for
$300 bucks or so. Not get it fixed.

The call I just got was from the owner of Artesian who told me this. And he
also told me that his guy (the guy I spoke to) did not tell him that I had
said the engine was loping. Otherwise - he would not have wasted the time
and effort on a car worth $3000 at most.

Later when he ran it and saw what was happening, he asked his guy if I had
mentioned the engine and he was forced to admit as much. So this guy is in
big trouble.

We - on the other hand - are in great shape. They are going to take the
next week or two and fix this (a $3000 job at minimum) for free and only
charge me the $650 for the radiator and pump work.

I am beside myself with joy. What a f-ing prince this guy is.

Artesian. Tell everyone you know. I told the guy I would flood him with
referrals but he said they already had more customers than they can handle.
They don't advertise and he was confused how I even found about them.

F-ing internet.



Keelon said...

I am sure everyone appreciates your discretion.

Arthur said...

Sometimes, you lose a chunk of money at roulette or on the stock market, and other times you win some back.
As long as it is close to a wash for someone with as much penchant for risk as Kyle, then, well, it is a good thing.