Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Godfather

Don't make fun of me (especially Brian who I know owns the whole set), but tonight I am watching The Godfather for, what I believe to be, the first time. K was floored when he discovered this the other day, and immediately put it at the top of the Netflix queue. I am excited to see it, especially since K's making me a dinner of insalata caprese and vodka penne, accompanied by a cabernet (French, damn it!)

By the way, I have also never seen Gone with the Wind, all of Casablanca, or Lawrence of Arabia (I fell asleep).

How do I understand any cultural references? I guess, sadly, I don't.

What have I been doing with my time on this earth? Sitting with my thumb up my arse. Oh, and playing outside a lot (I do live in Hawaii, after all!)


meg said...

C, I also haven't seen any of The Godfather movies. I'm considering putting myself on the waiting list for the complete box set that my library has -- but as I told Kyle yesterday, it's 730 minutes in total. I'm not sure that I have that kind of time. Maybe I should start with the first one.

I also haven't seen most of the Star Wars movies -- only the original Star Wars, and nothing after that, as well as none of the Rocky movies.

There's a lot to be said for playing outside....

Brian said...

Heh...I guess I can't poke too much fun...Lawrence is sitting on top of my DVD player right now, waiting for a rainy weekend. It'll be the first time I've seen it.

This would get me crucified in my hometown, but I don't really care for GWTW. Perhaps b/c I overdosed on it very early in life.

You should see Casablanca as soon as you are done with the Godfather, though.

Keith said...

Christina hadn't seen the Godfather either. I made her watch it and she fell asleep. She also fell asleep to GWTW. To be fair though, we have a really good couch for napping.

Marsha said...

I have not seen any of these movies either.

It had never occurred to me that one possible reason why I lack a sense of humor (according to B) is that I lack the appropriate background knowledge...neat.

Keek said...

A girl with a sense of humor is like a fish on a bicycle.

Exceedingly rare? No.

Hilarious. Yes!

megatron said...

Just how many fish have you seen on a bicycle, "Keek"?

Keek-doo said...

I consider every woman I know who might possibly read this to be a "fish on a bicycle."