Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An update!

Aloha, loyal blog readers. March has quickly flown by without so much as a peep from this newly revived blogger. I promise to try to blog more often in the next coming weeks. There is much to talk about indeed:

#1: As you may have already heard, this blog will soon be called, "The other Alaska bloggers" or maybe , "I wish I were Alaskaboy" or "A-LASK-A". In any case, K has accepted a job up in Anchorage so we will soon be neighbors with our great friends from the north. I am excited about this move for a number of reasons and terrified for some too, but I will spend many a blog posting on those thoughts another day.

#2: I had a great trip in Telluride last week visiting with my sister and soon-to-be-married cousin, Elaine. Along with brief discussion of wedding details, we hit the slopes for three days mainly on blue cruiser hills, but occasional double black diamond hills when I got up my confidence enough. Here is actually an image of me on the slope, "Confidence":

This photo was taken on the third day, a day that I was really quite terrified to go down anything steep. While I normally have no fear of skiing down big hills, I took quite a spill on the 2nd day of skiing that left me rather rattled. KK, luckily, was above me when I supermanned down the hill, so she could slide my skis down to me. I don't really like falling, but will consider a ski helmet in the future as I age and get weaker on the skis. Especially considering we heard the story of Natasha Richardson when we got back. I am not sure if a helmet would have prevented an epidural hematoma but it probably couldn't hurt, right? This story is also interesting because we have been talking a lot about cerebrovascular accidents in my Neuro class this semester. Locked-in syndrome (like in the movie, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) is probably the most fascinating case. Watch the movie, it's good!

#3: Where was I? Oh yes, it is my favorite time of year. Spring! And currently the month when some of my most wonderful friends were born (yeah, Aries!). In no particular order, Happy birthday to: Melissa, Steph, Carla, Kim, Megan, Megan, Sarah (the 12th, I think!), and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.

#4: More news later, I have to get back to work!


Lisa said...

Congratulations on the new job and upcoming move! How exciting!

Ms. Core said...

My goodness! You guys sure don't like the mainland, do ya? I was hoping we would get to see you in OH at some point when we went back to visit Kevin's parents..

Congratulations..guess we will have to come and see you in AK.

Mischala said...

Holy crap, moving again already. Congratulations and good luck. No offense (to you guys or Team Church) but Alaska just seems too cold to actually live there. Maybe with so many of you up there we'll actually come and visit.

Arthur said...

Arizona, Alaska - they are all just a place to live in. Granted, the temperature swings from one to the other might be a little crazy, but at least the Churches have done it.

Congratulations on the job. I'm sure that you'll be able to trade babysitting for some health care consults with the Churches.