Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Andre Agassi is the man too!

Did anyone catch the Agassi / Pavel match last night? I was more excited than I had been in years to watch tennis. Long points. Aces. Net play. This game had it all. Not to mention Agassi coming back from a 0-4 deficit in the 3rd set to win in the third tiebreaker of the match! Wow. Agassi, of course, will retire after this US Open which means any of his games could be his last. But he isn't going out with a wimper, that's for sure.

I was a Sampras fan in the days of the Agassi / Sampras battles. But I fear that Agassi may just have more heart than Sampras. I read yesterday that Sampras has come back from retirement and is playing some competitive tennis once again. Maybe we'll be treated to a reunion tour someday. Wouldn't that be awesome?


KHampton said...

Ohmigod that would be SO AWWWEEESOME!

Anonymous said...

Odd story- I was in the elevator yesterday with an Asian lady in here early 50s. She looked at me and said "Agassi."


"You look like Agassi"


I like Agassi, but I'm not sure I look that much like him. Still I think Agassi fever is is just in the air.


Caroline said...

Too funny, B. I never thought you looked like Agassi. Maybe it's the eyes?

Andre plays today, same time as the Gamecocks... I am guessing our house will be full of nervous tension.

Katy said...

How about his match with Marcos Baghdatis? CBS replayed it today-- crazy!

Julie Miller said...

oh my god-i missed both agassi matches but i got all teary-eyed watching the report about agassi saying goodbye today to his fans. i remember him with those stone wash jeans and long hair-eh? caroline-makes you want to play tennis eh? i still have no partner in la-it's frustrating b/c the weather here is perfect all year round!