Thursday, August 31, 2006


Kyle's beloved Gamecocks are playing today, 2pm Hawaii time. Which means he gets to leave work early, and I have the convenient excuse of having to work. Don't get me wrong. I love football. I may even love the Gamecocks. But I do not love the agony or ecstasy that will no doubt ensue. Win or lose, the drama will be thick, every play will be analyzed over and over again.

Some may appreciate this. Some of you grew up with a team, went to a college with a great team, or even marched in a band for a team. I envy you because you have what it takes to watch these battles. I fear my heart is just too weak, my ego just to fragile, my excuses just not polished enough to explain away the possible losses that could be due to luck alone.

Good luck, Gamecocks. I will try to be there for you. Maybe someday I'll even be willing to leave work early to watch you play. Maybe that day will be today if I can get my act together. I promise I will try to do my best to be a fan.


Anonymous said...

4 hours to kickoff and i'm getting the fear

Caroline said...

So Mr. Buff has been published. He is a real fan. Per the Daily Gamecock editorials, 8/30/06:

"I have supported the Gamecocks for 28 years. I watched the football team lose to the Citadel. I watched the Gamecocks follow up a 1-10 season with a 0-11 season. I have watched them play Clemson 28 times. They won seven of them.

I never wavered. I was always a Gamecock. I was an undergraduate for four years, and I am in my last year of pharmacy school. That's seven years of attending this university and paying tuition, yet I couldn't get a ticket to the Georgia football game. Student tickets have been cut...."

If you want to read the rest of his comments, go on the Daily Gamecock and google his name (sorry, the link doesn't work).

KHampton said...

Ah yes - the fear.

Gamecock football is like racing mountain bikes.

I don't look forward to doing it. I look forwrd to having done it.

But right now - I really just want to see those boys on the field. I want to see Sidney and Blake and Cory and Fred. I want to see the OBC sulking. I'd lose my shit if it were just the BC Eastern Nowhere game because by God I have to see my some college effing football.

But Gamecocks? First o' the season?

My heart . . .help me . .help me. . .

Seriously though. Great post C.

The Infil-Tater said...

I'm just glad that I root for a team that wins. Go Tigers!

meg said...

Ugh. That "infil-tater" gives us Clemson fans a bad name. I didn't get to watch the game so much as "GameCast" it on ESPN, but opening your season with a shut-out, in their stadium, is pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Taryn said...

The Gamecocks are undefeated??? Ryan Buff wrote a letter to the editor?? This sure is a crazy world we live in these days.

Seriously though, reading Ryan's letter and seeing that the Gamecocks kicked some ass were two of the coolest things I've seen in a while.

Julie Miller said...

i feel about the arizona wildcats bball team like you guys feel about the gamecocks. i get sweaty and nervous watching them play even though they haven't played their best- i remember watching a game even the day after i was in the emergency room for pneumonia. nuts! what do sports do to us?!