Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Favorite Albums of 2006

15. M. Ward. Post War. When I think back on the opportunity to attend the Bright Eyes / M. Ward show at Plush in 2004, it makes me growl. Especially because I would have cried through Bright Eyes's set and then punched him in the face. Support the Troops!

14. Joanna Newsome. Ys. At this point, I still prefer Milk-Eyed Mender but 2006 was the year I finally came around to Joanna. After someone told me she was cool, of course.

From Milk Eyed Mender:

13. Lily Allen. Alright Still. What do you know?– I am listening to it right now! I knew a feisty little 9-year-old girl who was going to get a (burned) copy of this in her stocking, until C pointed out the lyrics focus exclusively on flaccid penises and getting in cat fights.

Best of Death Row Records Vol. 2. – You may not know this about me: I missed the beginning of white folks listening to rap music back in 1989. I was listening to the oldies station. So imagine hearing 2Pac for the first time after all these years. Yeah it's– pretty fantastic.

11. Belle and Sebastian. The Life Pursuit. Welcome back to my year end list guys. See you back here next time you make an album.

Sorry about all this but damned if I don't love Youtube. This is from the (incrediblyibly good) Coachella DVD. Old song but check that sky.

10. Herbert. Scale. This is the future of electronic music. Sounds a lot like the past of pop music. Good for a party or headphones.

9. Oh No! Oh My! Oh No! Oh My! This list is a bit contrived in that I just don'’t really listen to albums much anymore. My I did listen to this one. Because it was the only unscratched disc in the car for a while. And it is testament to the consistency of this pop gem that I was able to do this for at least five listens. It's a new world.

8. Gil Manteras Party Dream. Bloodsongs. OK -– so this technically 2005. But I have a big (figurative) stack of late 2006 albums here that I haven'’t listened to so late 2005 entries get counted. Besides, I didn'’t hear them until this summer when I actually saw it lip-synched (with routine) by one Ranty McDingDong. And I liked it. Immediately.

What is it? Ummm. Check it out here:

7. Girl Talk. Night Ripper. Guaranteed crowd pleaser. No multiple listens required. Pop it in and enjoy. Mashes appeal to our basest desires. So it is nice to see this, the musical equivalent of the Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burger. That is - the very best of the worst. And if I have made myself unclear - this album is completely wicked.

6. Tilly and the Wall. Bottoms of Barrels. More Tilly and the Wall to cry over. Especially that Lost Girls track I put on my Summer Mix. Gives me the chicken skin.

5. Rock Plaza Central. Are We Not Horses? Called by some wags a mix of Neutral Milk Hotel and the Shins. It is a concept album about android horses ala Blade Runner . . . wait . . . come back . . .

Here's is their awesome cover of Justin Timberlake's SexyBack set to the video of same:

4. Band of Horses. Everything All the Time. Like My Morning Jacket? High Lonesome Sounds? High Altitude grasslands? Awesome -– me too.

3. Hot Chip. The Warning. What no more horses? Top three are always tough to sort out. Fortunately, my top three are all overly clever white males my age making pop music. And I fall hard for it.

2. Whitest Boy Alive. Dreams. Straight up, Erlend Oye is my fricking hero. Every song he touches is pure gold. This is basically a Kings of Convenience album with a little more bump. Every song is perfect.

1. Phoenix. It'’s Never Been Like This. Look -– I don'’t make any excuses. I love pop music. And several times this year, I have turned to Caroline and said: this is the freaking album of the year. 2006 Phoenix is 1995 Guster. And not 2006 Guster who, I think it is safe to say, are done now.

Interested in owning these albums? Drop me a line and I will provide. Stay tuned for the top tracks of 2006.

And please tell me what you think would have made my list if I had just listened harder and/or had your refined tastes.


Anonymous said...

I am definitely, definitely interested.

Thanks for always doing the hard work and finding obscure music I always end up loving.

meg said...


KHampton said...

I like that people are out there doing actual hard work and I am helping facilitate that by sitting on my ass listening to music.

Taryn said...

Guster who?

Lane said...

I feel so sad about Guster, because when I listen to them now, I just think, sheesh, that's kinda terrible. And it used to mean so much to me. It's interesting to me to find out that for me, Wolf Parade is the new Guster. I guess I never really did like pop music.

Caroline said...

Kyle says last night, "Please list your top favorite albums of 2006. Then other people will too!"
Okay, for you, Keelay:
1) Hot Chip - The Warning
2) Big Thumb Bowlers - Recorded at Gunpoint
3) Belle and Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
4) The Decemberists - Crane Wife
and 5) M. Ward - Post War

Wow, I feel like our musical taste is sooo different.

KHampton said...

Awesome. Thanks C.

No Sleater-Kinney?


Anonymous said...

What do you mean "album". I didn't know artists released all their songs at one time anymore.

I'm kidding, but not entirely since most of my music has gone the way of the computer playlist medley.

Speaking of, what are the best/favorite music download sites now? I haven't purchased or (legally/illegally) downloaded any music in a long, long time. I'd like to start listening to some new stuff but haven't had the motivation to find a good site yet. Are most subscription services now? Monthly or per song?

Wow, that didn't take long for me to fall behind the curve. Back in my day, sonny....

KHampton said...

I read Pitchfork and then download everything via Soulseek.

Did I say everything? I meant everything that is not copyright protected.

Pay five bucks every two months a get put at the front of the line for downloads.

I think Hawkins uses Rhapsody and really likes it. I would like to get something like that one day.

Anonymous said...

Rhapsody is pretty cool, especially at the price, particularly if you don't mind streaming and have a short attention span for music (like I do).

I haven't had much occasion to use it lately, as my new employer frowns on that kind of bandwidth abuse, but I still use it enough at home to justify $10/mo.

Sara said...

I am also a fan of Rhapsody.

Thanks for making these lists Kyle. I heart end of the year lists. Happy New Year to you and Caroline.