Thursday, December 07, 2006

"We keep them fit to fight"

Today is the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Memorial services are being held today in Hawaii, and all flags are being flown at half-staff to remember the service-people and civilians who died that day.

The NY Times sent a reporter to follow the rebuilding of the fleet after the attacks. Apparently, all his reports were sequestered by the government at the time, and only have recently been released. The paper published some excerpts from the stories today. The Honolulu Advertiser also has a nice story about a man making what will likely be his last trip anywhere to visit the memorial today.

I find it really eerie that all of this took place 15 miles from my door. Could it happen again? Maybe. People at work like to scare me by talking about attacks from North Korea. Another high price for living in paradise, I guess...

In other Hawaii news, Colt Brennan, the UofH quarterback, was not considered as a finalist for the Heisman award. Better luck next year, Colt!


Lisa said...

I didn't know they had football in hawaii! Do they use coconuts or do they at least cover them with the skin leftover from the luau pigs?

KHampton said...

Don't be absurd Lisa.

They use a papaya.

And goal posts are palm trees.

And the cheerleaders wear grass skirts.

And instead of Gatorade they drink molten lava.

Brian said...

I wouldn't worry about the North Koreans ever hitting Pearl Harbor. There's plenty of US military in the DMZ and Japan to take out first.