Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today G-fresh turns the big 4!!! That is 28 in human years, which means Gaffers and I are the same age! Yeah!

Please enjoy this photo gallery of the most wonderful, good-looking, well-mannered (well, at least around people, not other dogs), most popular, well-loved dog on the island of Hawaii and beyond!

And happy birthday also to all you December babies! I have been to three birthday parties already this month, and I know of at least two of you readers who are nearing their third decade! What's up with all these December birthdays?!?


KHampton said...

Humans screw in the spring.

Rocky said...

Happy birthday Gaffney, you beautiful blonde bitch. I hope we can get together again someday soon. I really had so much fun playing with you. I wish you all the best. Truman says happy birthday as well and do D and K.

Anonymous said...

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meg said...

Yo, Miss Peach. No wonder I love you so much -- our birthdays are but a few days apart. I never knew that. Yeehaw -- happy day to you. Kisses -- but none like your father gives you. MUAH!

Anonymous said...

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Kinley said...

Gaffers, that is quite a potty mouth you have there! I can't believe it passed the sensors!

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Anonymous said...

I'm constantly amazed that this dog has yet to be killed by a Gila Monster or overrun by a flock of Nee-Nee birds.


NayNay!! said...

It is funny you should mention that Brian. That picture with Gaffney in the ferms was taken on the Mount Olympus trail here. It follow a ridgeline that is approximately three feet across.

The ferns Gaffney has decided to plop down in are attached to rock on the side of the trail. Gaffney is essentially suspended by this foliage over a 200 foot cliff.

I also cannot believe she is still alive. It is only the steady hand of her old lady to be sure.

Anonymous said...

ok, G'dogly. You keep takin' the choice winder seat.

Enough! I've clutted this blog ingloriously n' damned if I'm a gonna sign up.