Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boogie boarding Queens Beach

When you first move to a place, you take the camera everywhere so you can document every new corner, every vista. Slowly, you start to get used to the idea that you live in that place, and the days all just pass without notice, without documentation of its awesomeness. Until one day, when you're about to go to the beach and you realize you need the camera. You need to capture these memories of the sun setting on the 2-4ft swell you just rode. This is Queens Beach, sunset, last night. Less than a mile from our house, this is where we go boogie boarding, or at least where we have started to go, since I bought fins two weeks ago. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. There is nothing funner than catching a wave and riding it sideways down the long tube. Especially when you meet a local, named Tyrone (yes, after Tyrone Powers, can you believe it, Taryn!) who gives you free lessons. I am hooked.

Thanks to Kyle for remembering the camera...

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Caroline said...

Sorry, I used the word "funner". It is a bad habit I am trying to stop.