Friday, September 08, 2006

The quest for shrimp

I am a lucky girl. I love my job and the people I work with. By the light of the full moon last night, members of our lab went out searching for shrimp. We were looking for a particular family of shrimp, the Hippolytidae, which haven't yet been checked for myelin. In case you ever need to find them, go out to the tidal flats, search for glowing red eyes in between the crevices of the coral, and then sneak up on them from the side. They are about 2-3" long, and like to flip their tails quickly when caught.

Today I got to cut out their nerve cords, and I swear that they were quite sad about it. Look at those eyes! As I was cutting them, I kept thinking about Star Wars. Finally I figured out why: the shrimp kind of look like JarJar!
Or Gaffney on a bad day:



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megatron said...

The picture looks familiar. Is Miss Peach sitting next to two cute girls?

Happy Friday!!

Caroline said...

She sure is sitting next to two cute girls in that pic! What a great day that was...miss you gals.

annulla said...

Hmmm. I went out searching for shrimp on Wednesday night and ended up with Korean-style steamed shrimp dumplings. Yummy and nothing at all like JarJar.